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Marketing is an inevitable option in present day world thanks to the high level of competition we have today. While on a broader aspect the types of marketing strategies can be divided into online and offline, these can be subdivided into various different categories which are as follows: Internet Marketing Marketing through the internet includes several forms such as email marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, article marketing, viral, affiliate and referral marketing. Each of these forms of marketing through the internet has their advantages and can be used by businesses for better reach and target customers. Offline Marketing Making use of billboards, sending newsletters, placing banner ads and getting listed in the local directories are the strategies that business owners use to market their businesses offline. Marketing Events Large number of potential customers can be reached through events like trade show marketing. Such events always draw large number of potential customers who can be wooed into buying certain products or services. These events work in the favor of the companies as they allow them to demonstrate their products and service to interested customers. Mobile Marketing Mobile marketing is soon becoming the best marketing option helping to reach a large number of customers. Companies are using various mobile marketing tactics to send information, promotional offers and other deals to potential customers. It also includes strategies like SMS marketing, app marketing, banner marketing, in-game marketing and location based marketing. B2B and B2C Marketing While B2B marketing is done directly between businesses, B2C marketing is done through television marketing, door to door marketing, newspaper marketing and other online marketing methods.