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More and more people are taking the social media route to stay in touch with family and friends and therefore, marketers are finding it beneficial to attract the growing number of social media users. However, marketing professionals have a tough job in their hands to focus their attention on ways to increase the conversions for businesses. The following strategies could help companies to better target and acquire new customers. Engage With Customers Besides posting daily updates and sharing news, engage your visitors in conversation. This engagement with the users would make them take an action such as ‘Like’, ‘Dislike’ ‘share’ , ‘Retweet’ ‘+1’ etc. which in turn will result in more visibility. Asking questions or polls is a great way to understand what the users think about your product and/or services. These feedback provide you an opportunity to improve on your products and services and develop new strategies. Relevant and Unique Content To stay focused in social media marketing, you must use unique and relevant content that can be shared. Sharing valuable information and providing a review of that information increases your credibility and reputation among your fans/followers. Your connections start growing and your opinion is valued more. Use Facebook Offers To Attract Leads Facebook offers are a good way to focus on social media marketing. These offers can be set from the Facebook page and work differently compared to Facebook ads. The news feed of Facebook carry these offers can be targeted towards genuine audience. Engage Your Email Subscribers eMail subscribers can be invited to follow your Facebook page or Pinterest account. Putting up an autoresponder would enable you to send such offers to new subscribers and keep them engaged. The point is to provide high quality offers and promotions rather than quantity. Connect Through LinkedIn LinkedIn helps a lot in providing the branding that a company requires and therefore, it is important to have a LinkedIn page. This is a must especially if you run a B2B service.