Fully Managed LinkedIn Social Selling Services

Super-Charge Your B2B Sales without Wasting Time on Marketing. Generate TONS of Sales-Qualified Leads for Your Business!

From: $40.00 / month

This Done-For-You Service is a good fit if you want to:

  • Generate Qualified Sales Leads From LinkedIn and turn them into sales opportunities quickly
  • Build a Trusted Network & Make New Connections with Qualified Prospects
  • Put Your Prospecting Process on Steroids, without You Spending a LOT of time on it!
  • Increase your sales productivity, shorten your sales cycle, increase your revenue per sale and boost your business growth.
  • Use social media to close deals faster and FINALLY Hit Your Sales Quota!

All these with MINIMAL time and effort from you.


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LinkedSell™ Package

Social Selling Only - The Basic Plan
$ 497/per month
  • When you choose this plan, we will perform the following Actions:
  • Sending strategic connection requests to around 100 potential prospects every week
  • Send a “Thank you for connecting” message on the Day 1 of accepting our request
  • Send an “About me and what I believe in” message on the Day 3
  • Send a “What are your challenges” message on Day 7
  • Send a “Here’s what I do, interested?” message on Day 10
  • Send a “Hey did you check this out” message on Day 15
  • Send a “Break-up” message on Day 18 when there is no response
  • Detailed activity reports and connections tracking sheet with lead information
  • KPI Tracking measure the success
  • Monthly strategy call to review the progress and plan the strategy for the next month
  • 30 approximate hours of work every month

LinkedPro™ Package

Social Selling + Social Engagement SuperPower!
$ 897/per month
  • Everything in LinkedSell™ PLUS the below activities to Supercharge your Authority and Social Engagement on LinkedIn:
  • A content calendar with 30+ posts scheduled every month on your personal LinkedIn timeline, Company Page and Groups
  • Joining 5 new groups every month and scheduling useful 3rd party content to drive engagement
  • Writing 2 Blog posts per month on LinkedIn Pulse to Boost your Authority and Generate Traffic to your website
  • Share, like & comment on Targeted Prospect discussions on your timeline
  • Send a “Keep In Touch” messages to your 1st Degree Connections
  • Monthly strategy call to review the progress and plan the strategy for the next month
  • 50 approximate hours of work every month


Leverage LinkedIn: A powerful tool to help you build a strong network of prospects that fits into your ideal client criteria.

Our LinkedIn Inbound Social Selling Service is a comprehensive “done for you” service that:

  • Drives your profile traffic up by 3-10X
  • Builds your network with ideal target customers
  • Delivers a steady flow of qualified sales leads
  • Requires minimal time and effort from you

We optimize your profile to present the best value proposition, develop custom audiences, drive your profile views up by 300% consistently, send connection invitations to ideal target audiences, message prospects with discovery call requests or product demos, share high quality 3rd-party content updates on your account, and engage with “social currency” actions such as likes, recommendations and endorsements.

Our trained professionals will handle it all for you. You just reach out to new ideal prospects that we bring into your network, and respond to incoming LinkedIn messages from prospects.

What You Get

  • A customized LinkedIn Inbound Social Selling Strategy that sets you up for a successful sales process.
  • An optimized profile that best represents what you offer, your value proposition and influences your profile viewers to reach out to you for help.
  • Increase your profile views and profile traffic up to 300% in less than 30 days.
  • An optimized LinkedIn Sales Funnel that converts connections into qualified leads.
  • Fill your network with your ideal target customers and a steady flow of qualified leads.
  • We reach out to hundreds of prospects on your behalf every month.


What We Need From You

  • Access to your LinkedIn account
  • A detailed description about your brand’s voice, the types of posts, topics and frequency.
  • Respond to incoming LinkedIn messages as a result of our outreach process.
  • Give recommendations and endorsements to your past and current clients, and request them to endorse you in return. (We will give you templates so you can write recommendations in less than 3 minutes!)

Turnaround Time:

Setup activities: 2 Weeks.
Recurring activities: Monthly Ongoing.


Who is this for?

This works best for B2B companies with a customer lifetime value of US$20,000+ and if you have an efficient sales process who can convert qualified leads into sales through scheduling an appointment, or over a call. This Doesn’t work well for B2C companies with a very low customer LTV.