Content Repurposing Services for Traffic & High-Power Backlinks!

Make your Original Content DO MORE Without YOU spending a lot of time on it...

From: $0.00 / month

  • Multiply the reach of your successful content
  • Give a second chance to content that didn’t perform well
  • Engage readers with the content formats they enjoy the most
  • Great for SEO: Gain Dozens of backlinks from High Authority websites
  • Attract your target audience from various channels and funnel them into your website
  • Become thought leader in the industry by Maximizing content promotion across various channels

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Monthly Recurring

The Monthly Ongoing Activities
$ 497/per month
  • Our content marketing experts will create the relevant content you need to build authority, and perform an optimized distribution on 40+ High Authority websites strategically to make the most impact on your target audience. This will also result in generating 100+ backlinks to your website from these websites combined.
  • Picking 3-4 high quality content from your existing content marketing efforts
  • Converting them into Slides + promotions on popular Slide Sharing websites
  • Create a social promotion calendar and repurposing your existing content with 20+ social media posts and scheduling them on or any social scheduler of your choice
  • Promoting your Podcasts on podcast directories
  • Re-purposing the blog posts into shorter content capsules and share them on 15+ Web 2.0 sites such as Quora, LinkedIn Pulse, etc. in addition to blogging sites such as WordPress, Blogger, etc.
  • Social Bookmarking your Blog posts and content capsules on top traffic websites such as Reddit, StumbleUpon and other social bookmarking websites
  • Converting select blog posts into email content that can be added to your email nurture sequence
  • Generating Traffic via effective Calls to Action that leads visitors to your landing pages through and contextual Calls to Action.
  • Tracking the performance of every piece of re-purposed content via a real-time Cyfe marketing dashboard connected with your Google Analyics
  • Detailed activity reporting on Google Sheets
  • We can Add-on Infographics Creation + Promotion for $150 extra
  • 20 approximate hours of work every month


One of the biggest challenges with your content marketing strategy when you’re just starting out, is creating GREAT content consistently – which often overwhelms you and stops you from taking the next step. What if you already have published a great content on your website, but stopped it there? What if you have a lot of great content scattered across the web? What are you going to do with it to make it work FOR you?
According to Derek Halpern, “You don’t have to create content, day in, and day out. You just have to work on getting the content you already have… in the hands of more people.” In other words, if you are spending 1 hour CREATING content, you MUST spend 9 hours PROMOTING it.
Maximize and take advantage of your best performing content through content repurposing – by converting it into different formats that attract traffic from various channels.
Don’t know how to do it? We can help you!

What You Get

  • Your content published on 50+ websites across 15+ channels.
  • Reinforce core messages and buyer-focused themes without repetitive content.
  • The repurposed key content can align with different stages of a buyer’s research process.
  • Different content formats on your website can help improve your search-engine ranking.

What We Need From You

  • Links to Your most popular piece of blog content, webinar, podcast or videos
  • Branding materials such as your company logo, high resolution product images etc.

Don’t have content? Learn more about our Blog Content Writing services.

Turnaround Time:

Setup activities: 2 Weeks
Recurring activities: Monthly Ongoing.


What is content repurposing?
A process used to convert your old content from one format to another ( Eg: blog posts to an ebook, social media posts, slideshow) so that you can add value to the old content and reach out to a new set of audience.

What type of content do you repurpose?
Your best pieces of content that have been received well earlier and can perform well in multiple versions.

What are the different content formats that are used?
Blog posts, lead magnets, presentations, slideshares, email series, audio and video share are the most popular forms of repurposed content.