Why Linkody is a preferred SEO link management tool?

Why Linkody is a preferred SEO link management tool?

If you are looking for an easy to use and reasonably priced SEO link management tool, then you will find Linkody up to the mark. As you know, backlinks are an integral part of SEO which determine the success of a website, therefore managing backlinks becomes indispensable. With an SEO tool like Linkody, you can manage and monitor your backlinks effortlessly, and at the same time access updated reports of recently created and changed or lost backlinks. This tool is fully web-based and the low pricing makes it feasible for many users.

Large SEO agencies find it difficult to manage the backlink data. In situations like this, Linkody comes to the rescue by notifying you if a link is removed, or if a web page that was previously linking to you has vanished from the web. Tracking the links becomes relatively easy and reliable with this tool. Linkody also works to protect you against negative SEO. This happens when a competitor intentionally builds bad links to your site and Linkody warns you about the large quantities of unwanted links.

Other benefits of Linkody

  • 24/7 link monitoring
  • Email reports
  • Link Analytics
  • Link Metrics
  • Ensures up to date backlink status
  • Link distribution by TLD, domain
  • Anchor phrases and keyword distribution
  • Support options like FAQs, Online Support, Phone Support
  • Saves time spent on monitoring backlinks


With Linkody, one can easily monitor the links every minute of the day, detect recently created links, and access detailed reports on monitored links. Whether you want to benefit from link analysis or auditing, this tool proves to cater to your discerning link management needs. Linkody searches for your site’s backlinks and from the provided list you can select which links you want to monitor.

Apart from managing your link building campaigns, it allows you to analyze your rival’s backlinks. All you have to do is search the name of the related business and drill down to the backlinks of the top competitors using Linkody. When your competitor acquires a new link or when a backlink is removed, it will notify you. With all these detailed SEO metrics at hand, you can make effective data drive decisions. Earlier, spreadsheets were used to keep track of links, but now, with Linkody these tasks are automatically updated every 24 hours. This means, you have frequently updated reports and more time at your disposal.

Why you need Linkody?

  • To detect harmful links and export a disavow file ready to be uploaded to GWT.
  • Pinpoint dishonest partners removing links you traded.
  • Use link analytics and SEO metrics to optimize your link building and avoid being penalized.
  • Avoid using spreadsheets or desktop applications to check your links

Linkody can be benefitted by all users. It is suited for large enterprises, mid-size Business, Public Administrations as well as Small Business. There are several SEO link management tools, but most of them are a waste of your time. With all attractive features and benefits, Linkody guarantees best results. SEO agencies will be able to retain existing clients, as Linkody makes sure that all the links stay live and effective and avoid penalizations.

Creating A Power Page for SEO

Creating A Power Page for SEO

What is a Power Page?

A comprehensive piece of content that covers ALL aspects of the given topic, with in-depth information. So much that the user does not need to rely on any other source of information anymore.

Some Examples:

The Ultimate Guide to Writing Better Than You Normally Do.
The Ultimate Guide to Link Building
Get More Done in Less Time

Did you notice what was common in the content above?

  • Precise
  • No Fillers
  • Broken Down into Segments
  • Bullet Points wherever necessary
  • Exhibit an Authority in their tone of the words
  • Not long enough to bore readers, or Short enough to seem deficient

In short, the content should speak with authority, simple enough to comprehend, segmented into sections, to-the-point and should have depth.

Bidsketch – Create & Send Professional Client Proposals Easily

Bidsketch – Create & Send Professional Client Proposals Easily

One of the main ingredients of successfully running any enterprise is having a bunch of paying clients. But to convince your clients with your proposal and secure a deal is never an easy task. If you are a designer, then you would know how difficult and time consuming it is to come up with attractive and impressive proposals for your clients. And this is exactly why I turned my attention towards

Bidsketch, the online proposal software. I had heard many designers lauding Bidsketch on how the tool helped them to create fantastic client proposals that convert. I signed up for the same with this expectation in mind, but still not yet convinced.

But guess what! The first proposal I sent using the tool got accepted! That was when I realized I could really use Bidsketch to accelerate my business growth. I found it extremely simple and easy to use. I always have a lot of new ideas to present to my client, but Bidsketch really helped me organize them in a way that would cater to my client’s requirements, in a neat and attractive way. I now use Bidsketch for all my client proposals and am very pleased how it works. So I decided to come up with a small review on it.

For the beginners, Bidsketch is basically an online proposal software that helps professionals create stunning business proposals for clients and track the client activity. Perfectly designed and making use of boilerplate language, the tool offers a great deal of customization features to ease the burden on designers by simplifying the way to send proposals and accept project offers. It allows you to present your ideas in a logical, authentic and professional manner that would keep the clients interested. You could even make use of images and videos in your proposals to make it much more engrossing.

Now here’s what I liked most about Bidsketch.

Ease Of Use

Bid sketch helped me create my first proposal in a matter of minutes! This was of course, after I spent a few minutes drafting a temporary proposal, and got the hang of it. I had to just select a design and various input sections required in the proposal. The input sections were pre-populated with starter texts which made my job easier.  The dashboard is very user centric and provides a preview of everything you need to know.



Bidsketch comes with a lot of professional looking inbuilt templates.  It also allows the usage of custom HTML/CSS designs. These are easily customizable and can be exported to PDF for extra portability. The proposals look neat and well organized. The clients are also provided with an option to add their digital signature, when they are ready to accept the proposal.


Re-usable Content

This feature saved me a lot of time and effort. Bidsketch allows me to save previously created proposal templates which could be then used to quickly create a new proposal.


With Bidsketch, I no longer have to wonder if my clients have seen my proposal or not. Bidsketch provides me instant notification when a client accepts a proposal or makes a proposal status change. I also get to know how much time a client has spent on your proposal, whether they exported it to PDF etc.


White labeling

This is the best part of it all. Bidsketch allows me to customize my URL the way I wanted to. So instead of having a mydomain.bidsketch.com URL, I am provided with a bidsketch.my domain.com URL, which stays consistent with my brand, when my clients see it.

Overall I must say I am in love with this tool right from the moment I bought it. If you too are a sales professional having a complex service offering, Bidsketch is your right choice. Saves you time and deliver the best!

We highly recommend Bidsketch online proposal tool

Small Business Marketing Strategies

Small Business Marketing Strategies

Marketing is an essential part of any business whether big or small. While large business houses are able to spend a huge sum of money on advertising and marketing, small businesses are unable to do so. The question then arises as to what strategies should these small business owners employ to make an impact in the market? Here are some small business marketing strategies that you could look into.


Offline Strategies

Offline strategies help small businesses grow by word of mouth publicity, getting listed in the business and local directories, banner and billboard advertisements, advertisements through printed material and connecting with the potential customers locally. These are traditional methods which may not be as effective as earlier, but still worth a chance.


Online Strategies

Online strategies to market a small business can be further divided into the following categories:

    • Social Media Marketing

Connecting with the customers online through social media platforms is a good way to market a business. The strategies that work under this category include networking with various groups, giving away coupons and other offers online, sharing one’s expertise through forums and blogs and always expanding the network of friends and clients.

  • Content Marketing
    Content in different forms such as articles, videos, infographics and informative web pages is another way to market the business online. Provide high quality, original content, optimizing the website with relevant keywords related to the niche and giving expert opinion on the subject of one’s expertise.
  • Web Branding Marketing
    Web marketing does not only mean displaying your products or services through a website; it is more than that. Small businesses should make use of techniques like PPC, Google AdWords, and SEO, participate in B2B associations and build email lists.
    PR Marketing


Building public relations through press releases, blogs and forums is another good way to market your small business.

Types of Marketing Strategies

Types of Marketing Strategies

Marketing is an inevitable option in present day world thanks to the high level of competition we have today. While on a broader aspect the types of marketing strategies can be divided into online and offline, these can be subdivided into various different categories which are as follows:

Internet Marketing
Marketing through the internet includes several forms such as email marketing, social media marketing, search engine marketing, article marketing, viral, affiliate and referral marketing. Each of these forms of marketing through the internet has their advantages and can be used by businesses for better reach and target customers.

Offline Marketing
Making use of billboards, sending newsletters, placing banner ads and getting listed in the local directories are the strategies that business owners use to market their businesses offline.

Marketing Events
Large number of potential customers can be reached through events like trade show marketing. Such events always draw large number of potential customers who can be wooed into buying certain products or services. These events work in the favor of the companies as they allow them to demonstrate their products and service to interested customers.

Mobile Marketing
Mobile marketing is soon becoming the best marketing option helping to reach a large number of customers. Companies are using various mobile marketing tactics to send information, promotional offers and other deals to potential customers. It also includes strategies like SMS marketing, app marketing, banner marketing, in-game marketing and location based marketing.

B2B and B2C Marketing
While B2B marketing is done directly between businesses, B2C marketing is done through television marketing, door to door marketing, newspaper marketing and other online marketing methods.

How to Market Your Business Locally?

How to Market Your Business Locally?

If you are a small business owner, focusing on the local market is very important to get more exposure and more leads. Small businesses having low budgets gain more from local marketing and developing relationships. Here are a few ideas on how you could market your business locally:

Nine Marketing
The internet is the best place to market your products and services because more and more people are turning to the internet to search for local products and services. You can ensure a good presence on the internet by having a website featuring your products and services. You should get it optimized so that search engines as well as users can easily find what they are looking for. You can even use social media platforms to gain attention of users, locally.

Business Directories
Yellow pages and other local business directories are a good way to market your business locally. These directories are available with the locals and they provide a good exposure for your business. You can advertise in the local publications and place ads in the local directories as well.

Word of Mouth Publicity
This method of marketing is the most sought and very effective as well. If you can please a customer with your service, you have done half the job. Connect with your customers and ask them to provide reviews and testimonials which can be very beneficial for your business. You can woo customers by offering better services, discounts and also use various reward schemes.