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Radhakrishanan KG

He has always been a dreamer. A night owl. Believes that the world is one big family. Always high on life. Passionate about exploring new places and making friends. He is a Rotarian and a fellow Jaycee. He aspires to touch millions of lives through community service. Loves music, and enjoys playing musical instruments.

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Why Linkody is a preferred SEO link management tool?

If you are looking for an easy to use and reasonably priced SEO link management tool, then you will find Linkody up to the mark. As you know, backlinks are an integral part of SEO which determine the success of a website, therefore managing backlinks becomes indispensable.

Types of Marketing Strategies

Marketing is an inevitable option in present day world thanks to the high level of competition we have today. While on a broader aspect the types of marketing strategies can be divided into online and offline, these can be subdivided into various different categories which are as follows.

Webnamaste.com was launched on June 6th, 2009 after years of learning, knowing what works and what does not and researching the best marketing strategy for maximizing your ROI.



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