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Advanced Web Ranking Review:

The key to success for a website is good search engine ranking. Being in the SEO business, our ultimate goal is to increase the client’s website ranking in various search engines specified by the client. The major factor which influences the ranking of the website is keyword phrases for different search engines. Every search engine positions the keyword differently and the positioning of keywords also differs frequently in the same search engine depending upon the geographical location of the user. It is a challenge to optimize a website for hundreds of search engines, and to track their positions on a consistent basis. There are many softwares which helps you find website ranking, keyword positioning and keyword suggestions for different search engines or specific search engine, but the availability of search engines are very limited. We were looking for a comprehensive tool to track keywords, find effective keywords, track website ranking for different local and international search engines, etc… We came across Advanced Web Ranking tool by Caphyon, which has different features which helped us to track our clients’ website ranking and find the most effective keywords by comparing keyword popularity & competition and gives suggestions for new keywords. awr_windows Major Features of Advanced Web Ranking are:
  • Keyword Research Tool
  • Competitor sites reports
  • Supports 1000+ Search Engines
  • Local Search
  • Google preview tool
  • Automatic search engine updates
  • Detailed Reporting
  • Multiple Updates of same project
  • Multiple proxy support
  • Google Ajax API
Keyword Research Tool: Ever wondered how to improve your Search Engine Ranking? Keyword optimization gets the site to the top of the search engine rankings, which in turn increases its profitability. Keyword research tool helps to select effective niche oriented keywords for optimizing a web site for better ranking in search engines. Advanced web ranking offers set of multiple keyword analysis tools which helps to obtain the statistics of the existing keywords and also helps to obtain new specific keyword ideas based on the popularity of searches done on the keyword and their position in the search engines. Competitor sites reports: It is very important to know the competition level for your keyword and to know how many competing sites are using the keywords. Advanced Web Ranking helps to find out number of results a search engine has for a keyword. Advanced Web Ranking helps to select the most effective keywords by comparing keyword popularity & competition for better optimization. Supports 1000+ Search Engines: Advanced web ranking supports 1000+ local and international search engines to choose from, that helps to enhance the level of optimization. It also allows us to customize a list of selected search engines from more than 1000+ available search engines and use the same while creating new projects. Local Search: It is very important for any business to target local market and optimize their website according to local search engines. Advanced Web Ranking helps you find and add a new location in the “Local Search Engine Manager” by allowing to query the Google Maps and Yahoo Local search engines. By performing this process, a new local search engine will be added in the search engine list which will contain the location and name. Google preview tool: Google preview tool helps you to check website rankings, regardless of their location by creating a new search engine, which will provide the accurate results. Google preview tool allows creating projects for both organic results and paid results or either one of your choice. Automatic search engine updates: Whenever the changes are done and the search engines are updated, Advanced web ranking directly delivers the new search engine updates to your computer automatically. Reports: Advanced web ranking features personalized reports by customizing the features according to the choice and client needs. Advanced web ranking also has a feature to generate 6 types of customized printable reports. The 6 types of printable reports are Current Rank report, Top Sites report, Overview report, Search Engine Rank report, Keywords Rank report and Visibility report. Multiple Project Updates: With the use of Multiple Projects Scheduler, Advanced web ranking provides multiple project updates at the same time. Multiple proxy support: Advanced Web Ranking has a feature to use multiple proxy servers to decrease the time of an update, by sending search request to each proxy server at same time which allows the search engine to treat the search request as naturally approaching queries from different IP addresses. Google Ajax API: With the use of Google AJAX API you can check your keyword position in Google search engine.

Advanced Link Manager Review:

High quality link building campaign is an essential part of Off Page Optimization, not just to boost traffic from having a listing on another site, but also from a search engine perspective. It’s evident that many major search engines will increase your rankings not just based on what’s on your site but also considers links from other sites pointing back to your site. alm_windows Link exchange strategies and linking management software have become increasingly popular over the last couple of years as webmasters have come to realize the importance of gaining quality links pointing to their sites. If you are looking for linking management software for quality links and analyzing link popularity then our personal suggestion is to use search engine friendly Advanced Link Manager tool by Caphyon which provides different features to build Quality Links to the website. It is important to optimize a website for the success of our client’s business. Advanced Web Ranking and Advanced Link Manager tool allows us to enhance the level of optimization keeping an eye on the search engines rankings and provides us quality links which is not available in most of other web position or link management software’s.