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Our Team

RADHAKRISHNAN K G – Founder, Director

He has always been a dreamer. A night owl. Believes that the world is one big family. Always high on life. Passionate about exploring new places and making friends. He is a Rotarian and a fellow Jaycee. He aspires to touch millions of lives through community service. Loves music, and enjoys playing musical instruments.

What he is: Entrepreneur. Traveler. Musician. Foodie. Spiritual.
What he loves: Reading blogs. Music. Exploring. International Cuisine. Meditating on the banks of River Ganga.

RAKESH T – COO, Director

His effortless ways and charm can only be matched by few. He is an IT Engineer pursuing Masters in Business Administration. Began his career as a .Net programmer. He is an active Rotaractor and a fellow Jaycee. At WebNamaste, he becomes a perfect liaison between the team and the clients.

Who he is: Philanthropist, Jovial and die-hard music fan.
What he loves: Classical songs, giving training and learning technologies.

PRAVEENA MANOJ – Operations Manager

She is associated with WebNamaste as the head of SEO Operations. With more than 8 years of experience, she brings her vast knowledge to the company. She is no longer in a job, and is simply pursuing her passion.

Who she is: fun loving, empathetic and a nature-lover.
What she loves: Travel, movies and Tasting new varieties in food.

JUNAIZ RAZA – Team Leader

He is very passionate about online marketing and the only time he is not working is when he is driving. We like to pose for photos and he likes to click, that is why he is our in-house photographer. He has an intense aesthetic sense.

Who he is: Amateur photographer, sanguine, enthusiastic.
What he loves: Music, beaches, reading blogs.

AJI VARGHESE – Senior Web Developer

Aji brings to the table his experience in programming and he combines his understanding on web designs with the ability to write codes.

Who he is : Committed professional, passionate learner.
What he loves: travelling to unknown places, listening to music.

ARUN P K – Web Developer

A developer by profession, Arun is a part of our web development team. Though he remains silent, he comes up with out-of-the-box coding to create delightful websites.

Who he is: Self-taught, Optimistic and Internet addict.
What he loves: Gaming, Learning online tutorials about technologies, travelling.

SUSHIN P S – Mobile App Developer

His love for programming and technology, has won him a position at WebNamaste as an Android developer. He speaks Java, Objective C, SQL and Swift and has developed several Android and iOS applications.

Who he is: Selfless Human Being, Effervescent and Internet enthusiast.
What he loves: Riding bike, Gaming and learning new technologies.


She creates SEO strategies for clients, but her true love is reading fiction and going for unplanned trips. Her laptop is overloaded with SEO tools and she gets her brain picked by all.

Who she is: Passionate, dedicated to work, quick learner.
What she loves: Fiction, Indian classical dance, coffee and travel.

SHRADDHA – Adwords Intern

She is another wonderful addition to our SEO team. Apart from handling SEO projects, she manages Google adwords for clients and handles Facebook marketing. She never complains about the workload.

Who she is: Fun-loving, Facebook addict and buoyant.
What she loves: Cupcakes, rain and novels.


He is a web designer and for him designing comes naturally. When he is not working, he comes up with jokes and funny pranks. He is very good at creating concepts and ideas.

Who he is: Optimistic, audacious and living life to the fullest.
What he loves: Adventure, sea food and sports cars.

ATHIRA JOY – SEO Executive

She is another wonderful addition to our SEO team. Apart from handling SEO projects, she manages Google adwords for clients and handles Facebook marketing. She never complains about the workload.

Who she is: Fun-loving, Facebook addict and buoyant.
What she loves: Cupcakes, rain and novels.

NISHA NEIVILLE – Content Writer

She is always keen to learn new online marketing strategies and create novel marketing content. She doesn't consider everyday tasks as a mundane routine and always try to infuse fun into them.

Who she is: Fashionista, quirky, daring, sociable and fervent.
What she loves: To Brainstorm Ideas, DIY crafts, Cats, and Smell of earth after rain.

AJAY – Digital Marketing Strategist-Trainee

Ajay joined WebNamaste as a novice, after he completed his graduation in IT. But he quickly gained momentum and is on a voyage to establish himself has an SEO expert

Who he is: Passionate learner, quizzer, and dreamer.
What he loves: Reading, Surfing, Travelling and Food.


With a passion for marketing, she joined WebNamaste as a SEO analyst and social media strategist. Her primary objective is to interact with clients to understand their needs.

Who she is: Enthusiastic, Outspoken, Chirpy, Selfie Queen.
What she loves: Trekking, Learning new languages, Sci-fi, Sound Mixing, Pasta.

SHRUTI SHIRAJ – Business Relations Manager

An electronics engineer, she found her fascination talking to clients and meddling in everyone's work to make sure the job gets done. When she is not giving the third degree to her team, she enjoys the adrenaline rush from going on long rides with her mom.

Who she is: a free spirit, chatty, star-gazer.
What she loves: Music, Tattoos, American Choppers, Globetrotting, Dogs.

KOMAL MAHENDRA – Account Manager

With a background in human resources she has been positioned as an Administrator for WebNamaste. Her enthusiasm for work is refreshing and contagious.

Who she is: Gleeful, self-assertive, lighthearted, jovial and chirpy.
What she loves: Cooking, being a backpacker, Reading.

HARIS KARAT – Creative Head

Stunning interfaces for web and mobile apps are born, here, from time to time, thanks to his creativity and dedication in work. He discovered his passion for designing websites, while in school.

Who he is: Intuitive, Travel Aficionado, affable.
What he loves: Reading design magazines, and martial arts.

ASHLY A – Web Developer

With strong knowledge in PHP, Magento and Wordpress, she has a keen ability to use the right blend of technology and platforms for every project. She is a maverick web developer who comes with unique ideas that speak volumes for brands.

Who she is: Idea queen, performer and reliable.
What she loves: Singing, exploring new places and learning new technology.

AISWARYA – SEO Executive

After completing her MIB, she found her true calling in the digital marketing industry. When she was offered with the opportunity to pursue this challenging career at WebNamaste, she grabbed hold of it.

Who she is: Foodie, ardent reader, and fun loving.
What she loves: Dancing, to explore nature and gardening.